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  Version 05.05.01, 06.06.00 of SignupShield now supports Internet Explorer 8, 9, 10, on Windows XP, Vista, 7 & 8 (please read instructions in the download form). (Your current version number is available from the Help -- About menu of SignupShield icon on your system tray). Click here for a free version update to the latest version of SignupShield.   Over 32,000,000 shipped & downloaded to date...  

  Why SignupShield is your best choice? Read this introduction.    Want to check out our claims? See reviewer's guide for version 5.

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Award Winning Smart Password Manager
Most advanced
With its cutting edge technology, SignupShield is leading the pack with up to date features required in today’s ever changing security challenges.

It is the only password manager to handle multi-step sign-in procedures, where you are asked for an account name in step 1, an ever changing security question in step 2 and finally a password in step 3.
Automatic capture & fill
SignupShield captures login information, as you enter it, to sign-in or sign-up forms. It then, provides for an automated sign-in to websites.
SignupShield protects you from fraud (Phishing / Pharming) and it protects you from key-loggers.

Your secrets (passwords, credit cards and other personal data) are stored within encrypted files protected by a single master password.

Free License
Non expiring free license for up to 10 saved passwords.

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A tightly integrated suite of tools, where the total is more than the sum of its parts.
Personal License:
You will need only a single license for home, work and your U3 drive.
Smart Password Manager
See 'SignupShield Passwords'
1-Click Sign-in
Automatic navigation and sign-in to websites.
Auto Sign-up & Password Generator
Auto-fill sign-up forms, multiple security questions, and password generation.
Form Filling & Wallet
Fill out any form.
Fraud Alert
Let SignupShield alert you when you are about to submit sensitive information to a suspicious website.
Disposable Email Address
Now you can use alias addresses instead of your real one, to protect from spam.


5 cow rating
"...passwords and usernames are site-specific, blocking rogue sites from stealing your identity..."

"...Great tool to keep your online identity from getting abused..."

"...SignupShield Suit 5 is the best password manager we've tested."
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Copyright & Trademark notices (1)
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