Automating & Protecting Online Submission of Information
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   SignupShield Passwords

   1-Click SignupShield Suite

   1 year subscription

Free Download
  This is a free license to a fully functional password manager tool.

Why SignupShield? read here.

Available Platforms
  U3 Edition
Truly Portable - Plug & play. All your passwords encrypted on a keychain, nothing left behind on a hard drive!
  Desktop Edition
  Requires Installation - passwords are saved to your hard drive.
  Free License
  You get a free license for the product which lets you save up to 10 passwords. To receive a license for an unlimited number of saved passwords, please upgrade to 1-Click SignupShield Suite.

This download also includes the free 30 days trial version of 1-Click SignupShield Suite.

Click on 'Download'.
Select your platform.
Follow the instructions.

Smart Password Manager
SignupShield smart password manager collects sign-in credentials as users login to web sites. It saves those passwords in an encrypted file residing on users' hard drive (desktop edition) or their U3 smart drive (U3 edition).

When users visit the same website again, SignupShield Passwords can automatically fill-in sign-in credentials for them.

Unlike 'simple' password managers, this program saves passwords and related data from registration, log-in and password forms.

SignupShield, handles both web based, Windows' Network Login and FTP forms.

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